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We're on a mission to transform the way professionals and businesses connect with their audiences, by providing a unified solution that empowers them to build meaningful relationships.

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Taptok provides a platform of unified solutions for professionals, businesses and organizations of all sizes to connect and engage with their audiences in a modern and sustainable way.

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Physical Products

A better way of networking

In physical products you can manage all your Taptok products in one place. Here, you can lock, deactivate or reset products, assign them to Taptok mini-pages or virtual cards, and keep track of your inventory.

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My Audience

Bring your audiences together

At the core of Taptok are audiences: all the contacts acquired through a physical product or a digital solution. In audiences, you can unify, manage and enrich all your contacts and leads

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Easily get your business online

In less than 60 seconds you can create an optimized website using Taptok minipage builder and present your relevant content to your audience with a single link.

  • Digital Card
  • Reviews Page
  • Link-in-Bio
  • Electronic Flyer
  • Company Profile
  • Product Store
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Virtual Cards

Share more information in less time

With a virtual card you can provide more information about yourself and your business in a secure and modern way. You can easily share your digital card through sms, email, web link and social networks.

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Organization Management

Manage your entire team's Solutions.

Keep your team organized by managing all of the physical products, audiences, digital cards, and mini-pages in one place.

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Artificial Intelligence

Built on a Foundation of Machine Learning

Our AI suite offers cutting-edge solutions to transform your business operations with potent digital tools.

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Taptok Goes Carbon-Neutral in Partnership with Microsoft For Startups

The company has allowed customers to transform the way they connect with their physical and digital audiences using a modern and sustainable approach — with Taptok, businesses are moving away from traditional paper business cards, which are notoriously wasteful, and establish a more sustainable way to network.

The company has allowed customers to transform the way they connect with their physical and digital audiences using a modern and sustainable approach.

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