Optimized Websites Crafted to Present Relevant Content

Easily build mini-websites and allows audiences to connect with all your content using single link.

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Create your Mini-Pages in less than 5 minutes

Creating a Taptok Mini-Page is a snap. In less than 5 minutes for each Mini-Page, you can quickly generate a professional-looking page that anyone can access instantly through a personal URL.

Personal & Business Templates

Looking for some great Mini-Page ideas? Check out our personal and business Mini-Page templates. They can help you get your page design off the ground.

Turn Real-Time Leads into New Contacts

Add a contact form to your Mini-Page to gather contact information from prospective leads. The information is sent directly to your My Audience Page.

Generate Reviews

Link your Google My Business account and enable visitors to review your business right from your Mini-Page.

Easily build code-free mini pages using
pre-defined elements

Mini-Page designs are simple, but feature-rich. With a full suite of common web elements to choose from, each page will reflect the style and personality of you or your business.

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