My Audience

Unify Your Audiences in a Single Place

A unified solution for managing all of your contacts in a simple, intuitive dashboard.

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What is My Audience Solution?

Taptok My Audience allows you to collect, create, and manage your contacts from a single, simple interface. Here you can organize existing contacts, digitize paper business cards, create new contacts from scratch, and view real-time changes to your digital contact collection.

Create and Manage Contacts

In My Audience module, you can create, edit, or delete contacts. You can create contacts from scratch or, for example, from lead generation forms imported from a Taptok Mini Page.

Convert Paper Business Card to Digital

Once and for all, you can digitize all of the physical business cards you’ve amassed over the years. Contact information from paper cards can be scanned and imported right into a digital contact in your collection.

Real Time Contact Activity

With real-time contact activity, any updates made by other Taptok users in your digital contacts are reflected instantly.

All your insights in place

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Contact Dashboard

Manage all of your Taptok Audience Contacts in one place

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In the Contact Dashboard you can:

View and manage your contacts

Digitize paper business cards

Track your captured leads for each week