An Evolution in Taptok’s Pricing Model

At Taptok, we've been diligently working on significant updates that we believe will elevate your experience with us.

One of the most notable changes is our transition from a traditional product-based pricing model to a subscription-based approach. This decision wasn't taken lightly; it's rooted in our commitment to consistently provide enhanced value and expanded features tailored to your needs. We've undertaken this transition with great care, collaborating closely with professionals and business clients during our testing phase. We're genuinely excited about the increased value and possibilities this shift brings.

Before delving into the details of our pricing and benefits, here's a quick note:

For all our valued customers who obtained any of our products prior to the pricing model change, rest assured that your accounts will remain unchanged. The subscription model will only apply if you wish to acquire new products for yourself or your organization. Existing users registered prior to this change will not be charged and will retain lifetime access to the same features.


Plans and Prices for the Future of Audience Connections, Tailored for Individuals and Organizations of All Sizes.

With our fresh pricing model, you'll have the flexibility to choose from four different plans and the option to renew monthly or annually. Each of these four plans boasts a unique set of features that set them apart from one another.
Here's a breakdown of the four plans, including their price points and renewal periods:

Annual Plans (3 months for free)


Monthly Plans

What sets apart the new pricing model from our previous product-based approach is that three of these plans now include a free product per user subscription. This departure from the past's individual product pricing makes our products more accessible and affordable than ever before.

Plan Benefits

Behind each plan lies a potent solution we call the Audience Connections Platform. This solution encompasses numerous features that cater to various individuals and organizations. The diversity of its iterations led to the creation of distinct plans, each designed from the ground up.


While our new pricing model is subscription-based, the Essentials plan caters to those primarily interested in our product. It provides access to key features such as Virtual Cards and Mini-Pages without requiring a subscription. Instead, a one-time charge grants access to our product. This showcases that while subscriptions aren't mandatory, they offer substantial benefits by unlocking additional powerful features on our Platform Dashboard.


This tier marks the commencement of the subscription pricing model. It offers a Plastic Electronic Business Card per subscription, complete with a 7-day risk-free trial. This tier grants access to various product protection options and features beyond those available in the Essentials plan, including Lead Generation, QR Code Generation, and Digitalization of Paper Cards.


The Business plan embodies our platform's familiar offering, widely embraced by organizations of diverse sizes. Subscribers to this plan receive a Custom Plastic Card per subscription, aligning with branding requirement, and benefit from a 15-day risk-free trial. Advanced team management options, sales and marketing integrations, AI features, and nearly all existing platform features are included, along with the pivotal addition of a dedicated Account Manager.

Note: In the Product Selection section of both the Professional and Business Plans, you will have the option to choose Add-Ons. These additional products are not initially included in the aforementioned plans but can be selected in place of the base product specified for each subscription, incurring an additional cost. The price differential for Add-Ons varies based on the selected plan. It's important to note that the base product specified for each plan is provided free of charge per subscription, whereas Add-Ons come with an additional fee.


Among the plans, the Enterprise tier stands out as the most powerful, ambitious, and dedicated version of our platform. It encompasses access to our latest features, including the Security and Privacy Center and tools vital for enterprise-level operations. Moreover, this plan provides either a Customized Plastic or Metal Card per subscription, accompanied by a 30-day risk-free trial. The pricing for this plan is uniquely flexible, shaped by specific enterprise requirements.

Whether you're a freelancer, a business owner, or part of an Enterprise-Level Organization, we've meticulously crafted these plans to meet diverse requirements, guided by your valuable feedback. Keep in mind, this marks only the beginning of the Audience Connections Platform. We're excited to introduce a range of secret features currently in development. These features will be seamlessly integrated into different plans, ensuring a constantly evolving and superior experience. For more information, visit the following links:


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